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What to Expect When Eating at a Strip Club

Going to a strip club is an experience unlike any other. Everything about it makes for an unforgettable night, from the music to the dancers to the drinks. 

But what about food? Eating at a strip club can be intimidating for first-timers, but with our guide on what to expect when you take your seat in the restaurant area of a strip club, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way! 

Food and Drinks 

There’s no need to be shy when ordering food and drinks at a strip club—the menu will likely include all of your favorite pub grub staples like burgers and fries, wings, and nachos. 

Prices may be slightly higher than usual due to the “strip club tax” (which goes towards hiring dancers), but they’re still within reason. As far as drinks are concerned, most clubs offer beers on tap or cocktails that go great with the food.  

The Atmosphere 

The atmosphere inside a strip club restaurant is much different than traditional eateries; you can expect a more relaxed vibe and plenty of eye candy in addition to your meal. 

You may even find yourself surrounded by dancers who are taking their breaks between shows! 

It pays to have an open mind if you plan on eating at one of these establishments; after all, it’s not every day you get the chance to enjoy good food in such a unique environment. 


It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t mention entertainment when talking about eating at a strip club

While most clubs have TVs playing sports games or music videos throughout the restaurant area, some have live entertainment that adds even more flavor (no pun intended) to the experience. 

Performances could range from burlesque routines and aerial performances to pole dancing and fire breathing—so don’t forget your camera!  


Whether you choose to eat or just watch while others dine during your visit, eating at a strip club can be an exciting way to start off an evening out with friends. 

Remember that since this type of establishment is typically 18+ only, make sure you bring valid identification so that you don’t miss out on this unique dining experience!

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